Demon Baby on Ultrasound Shocks Mom-To-Be

This 17-year-old Virginia woman was stunned to find her daughter staring back at her like a “demon.” She scheduled the appointment in hopes of finding out the sex of her unborn baby.

Although the lab technician assured her the ultrasound was normal, Iyanna Carrington shared the funny photos of her daughter on Facebook, commenting that “most babies hide from the camera.”

“She was looking normal then we found out she was a girl they put it back on her face then her a– opened her eyes and smiled,” the mother-to-be wrote. “I love this devil baby so much already.”

Carrington said that the technician told her and her child’s father, Raleek, that the photo was normal.

“I said ‘she looks like a ghost’ in the doctor’s office and the doctor said, ‘yeah that’s very normal,'” Carrington told the news. “She looked a bit crazy.”

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