Delon Wright’s Fashion Choice Turned Heads at the NBA Pregame Arrival

The NBA pregame arrival has always served as a fashion show for the sleekest ‘fits in sports. Regardless of the freezing temperatures in Toronto, Raptors players failed to disappoint: Danny Green came out in a chic striped sweater, Kawhi Leonard wore a slim-fitting taupe tracksuit, O.G. Anunoby donned a toggle-button camel jacket, and Delon Wright wore…something else.

Delon’s getup looked like something straight of the early 2000s. Some people are blaming his fashion choice for the Raptors’ loss against the Bucks. “Why would Delon do this? Where did he even get that thing? Did this suit come with a limited edition briefcase? Were the pin-stripes necessary? Was the pocket square necessary? How many fully-grown human beings can you actually fit in that thing? Did he have to get blood stains dry-cleaned out of it before it was wearable?” asked Yahoo sports writer Kyle Cantlon.

The Raptors went only 26 percent on 7-for-27 shooting from beyond the arc. On home court, they were also held to only 92 points.

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