Coworkers Shrink Man’s Desk While He’s On Vacation

Pulling pranks on your coworker has been a time honored tradition that goes back since the early days when the first office workers got bored and looked for things to do while being idle at work. Pulling pranks has also gained more recent popularity since the TV show “The Office” where some of the best pranks were pulled between characters Jim and Dwight.


This office took things to a different level when they decided to prank their coworker who was gone on vacation. They decided to shrink his desk while he was away. They used a 3D printer and made an exact replica of their coworker’s desk, only this one was only around three inches big. They meticulously remade all the details of the desk from the colors, the accessories, even a small identical coffee stain at the table. These details had to be applied by hand. When the mini desk was done, they swapped the real desk with the miniature version.


The office table had to be painted in the exact colors of the desk, and included several details such as cords, papers, and a computer with a monitor, and even a coffee mug with matching designs and labels. It is such an intricate design and took so much effort that the entire office had to contribute to this epic prank. It took so much work that it had to be documented and photos of the miniature desk was posted on social media where it quickly went viral. All that is left to do is to wait for the employee to return from vacation and hopefully record his reaction when he comes back to his desk.

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