Company Sues FDA Because They Want to a Little Salmonella to Be Allowed in Their Pet Food

Answers Pet Food, otherwise known as Lystn LLC, filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, a number of Colorado agencies and officials, and the Association of American Feed Control Officials. The company is calling the FDA’s intolerance of Salmonella contamination a bunch of “gobbledygook.”

The complaint, which is 34 pages long, refers to FDA policy and safety guidance as “gobbledygook” and makes abstract references to “punitive inspections.” They contend that it is acceptable to have “detectable levels” of Salmonella in food products because it is not consistently harmful to animals or people.

They believe owners should be able to feed their pets Salmonella-contaminated food if they see fit, claiming the FDA warning about the foodborne illness is libelous. They also say they have a system which “mostly kills Salmonella.”

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