Community Surprised Beloved Cashier with Vacation

A small community came together to send their beloved member a wonderful gift. They wanted to send a Walgreen’s cashier on a dream vacation. The cashier had been working at the local Walgreen’s for 25 years. She was a beloved member of the local community and everyone knew her. To mark her 25th year, they wanted to gift her with something special.


Irene will be celebrating her 25th anniversary as a cashier at the Hub Walgreens, in Richfield, Minnesota. To show their appreciation for Irene, the local community chipped in to give her a wonderful gift of a dream vacation. Irene is known in town as “The Wallgreen’s Lady”. For quarter of a century, she welcomed every customer with a loud greeting and wished everyone a “blessed day”. She also makes sure to tell each person to stay safe as they leave the store.

But Irene has been getting tired in her old age and a lot of members in the community thought that it would be appropriate to mark the occasion with a gift for her 25th year on the job. Walgreen’s store technician Stephanie launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for Irene, and they have raised over $2,500 in just two days.


“I have had the privilege to be able to get to know her a lot better and upon learning that she hasn’t had the best or easiest time in her life and recently she suffered a stroke, it amazes me how she can go through all she has been through and still see the best in everyone,” said Stephanie, “Even though all the troubles and tragedies she has endured she still does her best to put on a smile, laugh, and make everyone welcome to the store.”

“Having just recently discussed with her what she would do if she had some money she said she would want to go on a nice vacation. I asked her if she had ever been on vacation and she said no she hadn’t since she could never afford it and that the farthest she’s been from MN is Michigan and Chicago. She expressed to me that she would love to go to Portland, OR, or Hawaii.”

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