City Issues Building Permit to a Kid

Earlier this week, a kid sent in a letter requesting the city’s permission to build a community of gingerbread houses. In the letter, the child details the materials that he will be using (mostly gingerbread), and he even outlined what the houses will look like with a series of drawings. He concludes signing off with “Seriously, Div 13 at Bayridge School” to let the city know that he means business.


His letter read: “Dear Planning Department, We are asking permission to build a community of gingerbread houses in the Bayridge neighborhood on Friday, December 15 of this year. We will not cut down any trees and we will not need to buy and land. We will use 6 crackers (graham), candies, icing, and chocolate. Some of them will disappear and only crumbs will be left.  My house will look like this… (drawings).”


In the spirit of Christmas, the city of Surrey in British Columbia, Canada, “planning department” replied to the little boy’s request with an official letter and an gave him an official building permit. In their letter, they said:

“Dear Division 13, Thank you for your application to building a gingerbread community. Your request for a building permit has been approved with conditions including the houses to be constructed if candy only and must be cute and delicious. Ensure there is access for Santa and his reindeer.

Once your construction has been completed, please contact us for final taste test inspection. Please remember that construction of any gingerbread families require separate permits. Sincerely, The Building Division.”

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