Chris & Kyle Long Won’t Be “Brothers” During the Eagles vs Bears Game… Chris’s Two-Year-Old Was Not Happy

This upcoming Eagles vs Bears game is weighing heavy on fans’ shoulders. Whichever team wins will be one step closer to the Super Bowl…

In lieu of this, Bears player Kyle Long has stated that, come Sunday, he and his Eagles brother will not be related. It’ll be a fight to the death, no sympathy here!

Chris came back hard at Kyle’s joke, saying that his two-year-old son didn’t think it was very funny…

Bye, Uncle Kyle! Obviously, this is all fun and games but the sibling rivalry will be on. Naturally, there were people who didn’t understand what a joke was and they decided to come out of the bushes.

Chris very obviously made this a joke, and people still weren’t getting it.

And possibly the best comeback:

Either way, whether Waylon likes it or not, the Longs will be battling for playoffs this Sunday in what will be a great game. Howie Long, on the other hand, probably won’t even be able to watch.

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