Washington’s New Service Animal Law Permits This Unusual Pet

This year, Washington state introduced a handful of new laws into practice, one of which placed heavier restrictions on service animals allowed in public spaces. The law also specified that an emotional support animal no longer qualifies as a service animal. Service animals will now be limited to two types of species—and one of which is much stranger than one would expect.

Washington State now considers the two acceptable kinds of service animals to be dogs and miniature horses. Yes, that’s correct. Horses. According to the Guide Horse Foundation, miniature horses actually make wonderful service pets. Their training is cost-effective, they have long lifespans, are inherently calm by nature, and have excellent vision and memory.

Under this law, public spaces like restaurants must legally accommodate both guide dogs and miniature horses. The law also hopes to eradicate confusion in regards to what types of animals are allowed on flights.

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