Chicago Bears Missed Would-be Game-Winning Field Goal, Pushing Eagles To The NFC Divisional Round

Stakes are high in the football world as we get closer and closer to the Super Bowl. The Chicago Bears went against the current reigning champs yesterday ion a game that would lead one of them to the NFC Divisional round.

It was a tight game, with a score of 16-15 Eagles. In the last five seconds of the game, it was up to kicker Cody Parkey to get the Bears ahead. The Eagles won their game last weekend in a very similar fashion, so hopes were high for the Bears…

That is, until the ball knocked against the field goal post and jutted the opposite way. No goal.

It’s a tough way to lose, but what’s even tougher is losing against a team whose fans adore making a meme out of the losing team.

Don’t think it stops at the Tweets… Eagles fans are also sending Parky money on venmo.

Hopefully, Parkey can forgive himself. If anything, he’s basically the Eagles MVP at the moment.

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