Cat's Southern Accent Warms the Internet's Collective Heart

A video of a woman talking to her fur child has gone viral, thanks to the cat's ridiculous southern drawl. The cat, named Gambino Bambino, has a "thick Southern accent" according to his Instagram page.

Gambino the cat's human, whose name is Tawny, recorded her kitty making a strange sound that, to the average listener, sounded a lot like a very high-pitched voice saying, "Well, hi!"

The Internet is loving Gambino's adorable drawl, of course. The short clip of Tawny's "Southern gentleman" has garnered over half a million views on Insta and over 1.4 million likes on TikTok. "He does a lot of chatting," Tawny said. Apparently he gives his brother, Tom Petty, the cold shoulder.


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Oh my!!! @georgehtakei !!! Gambino is honored!!!

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"They don't talk to each other," she says." Just me and my husband."

Tawny is a proud cat lady who says that most of the reactions from the viral video have been largely positive—but she wants to clear up one slight misunderstanding about the cat's collar. It may look like a shock collar, but that's not the case.

Gambino was a stray until 2014 and wars a pet tracker collar for when he traverses the great outdoors. Don't worry! He's a safe and happy guy.

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