Amazing Red Dead Redemption 2 Drunk Mod Lets You Get Hammered Without Consequences

By 1 year ago

You might know about the incredible Red Dead Redemption 2 mission where Arthur and Lenny get stupid wasted in a Valentine saloon. It's a riot, for sure, but what if you could play the cowboy epic as a drunken fool—without any of the consequences?

via Gfycat

In the game, you can drink in saloons to the point of maximum inebriation, but it takes a little bit and your screen might get all warped and blurry. Also, you can't snap out of the stupor right away. Even if Arthur and Lenny claim they're going to stay for "one or two," anyone of legal drinking age knows exactly what that means: more like one or nine.

via Gfycat

With the mod, consider the nasty side effects of overdrinking no more. You'll be able to achieve maximum drunkness with the push of a button, the screen doesn't become wooze-ified, and you can instantly snap out of the Drunk Mode if necessary.

So go off, be free, and stumble around as a less tortured version of Arthur. In all seriousness, the original mission is a lovely glimpse into what it looks like when the Old West is no longer weighing on your shoulders. In a series of marvelous cutscenes, Arthur slaps Lenny, urinates in a back alley, tries to drown some guy, wobbles away from the sheriff, and tops it all off with a nice old vomit the next morning. We've all been there. Or, hopefully, you haven't.

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