Cat Cafe Burglarized and, in Shocking Turn of Events, Cats Do Nothing

When a beloved cat cafe in Birmingham, AL was burglarized last weekend, the cats reacted in the most predictable way possible: they sat around.

As many as a dozen cats were inside Alabama’s first-ever cat cafe at the time of the break-in. Nobody was harmed, but the kitties all needed a snuggle after their stressful evening.

The crime was discovered early Sunday morning, and CCTV footage showed the burglar launching a rock through the glass window to provide a point of entry.

The owner, Kelli Steward, said the guy “didn’t get away with much,” but did cause a lot of damage. The cafe also serves as a foster home for rescued cats that are up for adoption.

Social media is outraged by the blatant disrespect and the jeopardizing of animals’ lives, but one particular gentleman offered his own opinion: the cats weren’t scared at all, they simply weren’t in the mood to do anything about it.

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