Cardboard Cutout of Missing World Cup Fan Goes Viral

Mexican football fan Javier Amador was set to join his friends in Russia to enjoy the World Cup festivities this month. But at the last minute, he had to cancel. That didn’t stop his friends, who wanted to experience the event with Amador. They brought along with them a life size cardboard cutout of Javier and brought it everywhere they went to in Russia.


Javier couldn’t make it to the event for some reason and his mates would not let him forget that fact. Amador’s cardboard cutout counterpart is actually wearing a T-shirt that says “My girlfriend wouldn’t let me come.” The cutout of Amador has since been spread on social media, where it quickly went viral. Soon even the fans at the event would recognize the Javier cutout and some would even line up to take a picture with it. The three friends take the replica of Javier wherever they go and not just to the World Cup games. They have taken him to bars, restaurants, and they even take him along to the toilet.


“In the bars, to tourist sites, he’s drunk beer. Wherever we are people come up to us asking for a photo, and he always receives a warm welcome.” With all the publicity that Javier has gotten, the three friends believe that they will soon be joined by the real Javier. If not they are happy to bring along the cardboard cutout of their friend for the rest of their time in Russia.

“Yep, I think he’ll come, what with all the pressure that he’s under.”

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