Car Thief Surrenders To Escape Argument with Girlfriend

We all get into arguments with our significant others. It’s a part of being in a relationship. While there are those small little arguments that happen every day, there are also some epic fights that could conceivable drive a person to do some incredible things. Such is the case of this Polish man, who turned himself in to the police for stealing a car. He did so to escape the argument he was having with his girlfriend.


The man in question is a fugitive Polish car thief. This fugitive chose Valentine’s Day, of all days, to give himself up after a year in hiding. He told the authorities that he decided to give up because he was tired of arguing with his girlfriend. The man will now face 17 months in jail for his crimes. The 34-year old had evaded authorities by staying with his girlfriend and his relatives. It seems that despite the safety and comfort of his hiding place, he just couldn’t stand another day arguing with his significant other. He ultimately decided that prison would be more restful.


“He asked police to arrest him as he had had enough strife with his partner and of being in hiding. He said he was tired and needed a rest,” said the Warsaw police. According to authorities the 17-month sentence that was handed down to him in 2016 will not be contested. Although he may contest the maximum amount of hours per month visitation he would allow himself to get form his girlfriend.

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