Bride Has Funny Dilemma with Fiancé’s Surname

All brides and newlyweds face the eventual step of taking on their new spouse’s last name. It is tradition for women to take the names of their husband, but it is not always the case. The woman can choose to keep her name if they have a professional name, of if she prefers to carry on the family name. Then there are cases when the name is just too funny, and taking your future husband’s name causes a dilemma.


That is the case of a woman named Shannon. She posted her dilemma on the wedding forum page Wedding Bee. It seems that the last name of her fiancé was also Shannon and she did not know if she should take his name and be renamed as “Shannon Shannon”. The post was entitled  “HELP! My first name is my fiancé’s last name.”

“We have dated for nine years and will be getting married next year, so I guess I need to finally face the decision of what I will do.” she said in a post, “Honestly it never bothered me even when people made jokes. His last name didn’t matter to me because I love him. I am not sure if I want to change my last name or hyphenate or something else. My last name is longer than his, but it’s only two syllables, so it’s not too much of a mouthful.”


There have been a lot of helpful people on the forum. Some people suggested she keep her maiden name, while other suggested that she could have just one name. Other brides have also shared their experiences with the problem, such as brides named being called Lauren Lauren and Joyce Joyce. One funny suggestion was to make a slight change to her last name and take the name Shannon McShannon.

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