Blogger Transforms into Mona Lisa

One of the most iconic works of Leonardo Da Vinci has got to be the Mona Lisa painting. It is one of the most recognized and most popular works of art to this day. There have been several recreations and homage’s done to the image of the Mona Lisa across several mediums. But this most recent homage was done by a beauty blogger in China that recreated the iconic image of the Mona Lisa through makeup.


China-based beauty blogger Yuyamika wanted to recreate the masterpiece of Da Vinci on her face using just make up. The blogger from the Chongqing province used a Chinese Video app named MiaoPai to share the video of her transformation from a blogger to the Mona Lisa. The video of her transformation and makeover has since gone viral.

Yuyamika has a beauty blog that also features several transformations, and all through simple makeup. She has one video transforming into another famous painting by Da Vinci, Lady with an Ermine. But her recreations aren’t limited to renaissance artists; she also recently made a video transforming into famous Taiwanese pop star Teresa Teng.


According to the blogger, it took her six hours to get the look right. She was challenged by her social media followers as a joke, but she decided to take on the challenge. So far, the video has more than 800,000 views on the Chinese video app MiaoPai, and over 20 million views on the app Dou Yin.

“The response is just overwhelming. I appreciate all the support I’ve received and I’m so happy that viewers like the transformation.”

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