Ben & Jerry’s Hopeful to Introduce CBD-Infused Ice Cream

Everyone’s favorite Vermont-based guilty pleasure treat has just announced a whole new level of chill snacks. Ben & Jerry’s wants to help take your relaxation to the next step with CBD-infused ice cream.

The company is no stranger to the world of cannabis. Remember their Half Baked and Dave Matthew Band Magic Brownies flavors? They were doing exactly what we thought they were doing with those.

When they finally get the okay from the FDA to go ahead with the groundbreaking flavor, Ben & Jerry’s also wants to use sustainably-sourced CBD from Vermont. The brand claims this is “for the fans, and we want to give them what they’re looking for in the Ben & Jerry’s way,” according to CEO Matthew McCarthy.

As Ben & Jerry’s experiment with what flavors pair best with CBD, you can submit a comment to the Food and Drug Administration on why they should legalize products containing cannabis.

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