Behind The Scenes Footage Released of the horrifying ‘Haunting of Hill House’

One of Netflix’s most highlighted series of 2018 was easily “Haunting of Hill House.” The story takes place around a family surrounded by the pain of addiction, mental illness, and something a little paranormal.

Not only was the storyline addicting, emotional, and terrifying… The way they shot these episodes is really what sucked watchers in.

Especially episode six, the 53-minute episode of just five takes. Fans were stunned to realize that this wasn’t just editing magic, but the directors actually left the piece as unedited as possible. It was mind-blowing.

Finally, they released their secrets thanks to a feature video from INSIDER.

Fans were shocked to see the hard work and dedication that went into filming this episode! For example, if one cast member messed up their lines or missed their cue, they had to restart from the beginning… Even if they were near the end of the scene.

One of the scenes was 17 minutes long.

They rehearsed for a month just on lighting, cues, lines, and direction. They built elevators and hallways for cameramen and actor doubles to run around the sets.

Fans are hoping that the series gets the recognition it deserves! Maybe even… A season two? Who knows!


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