Barber Gives Free Haircuts and School Supplies to Kids

In Alabama, a barber has been giving haircuts and backpacks for school completely for free. This is to make sure that the students look their best, and perform their best on the first day of school. He says he does this because appearance matters and it is most important in the first day of school where everybody meets everyone else for the first time.



to invest in the future of his own local community. He gives out 100 free backpacks and haircuts so that kids can start their school year right. This is the third year that Banks has organized the “Annual Back To School Support & Supplies” at his shop in Ensley, Alabama. Banks has said that the event can change the future of his community by simply showing their kids their potential.

“In this community, we have a lack of education, high crime rate, so these children are our future,” said Banks. “So if we can give to the children now, and let them see us giving back, when they get older, they’ll give back. It’ll be a cycle. It’ll be a transformation.” Banks also mentioned that it is not just about the supplies and the haircuts. It is about the confidence and assurance that the kids gain.


“Seeing the children smile out there playing, that makes my day right there. That’s all I need to do,” said Banks. “See that little smirk he just did right there? That’s all I need to see right there. That little smile.”

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