Bands That You Never Knew Hated Each Other’s Guts

By 2 years ago

While music may seem like a universal way to bring people together, you’ll be surprised to learn which bands had a hard time getting along with even each other…

Kings Of Leon

The Followill brothers, Caleb, Jared, Nathan, and cousin Matthew, were a quiet and religious family that was actually banned from listening to pop music until the younger boys reached their late teens. Naturally, they dove head first into rock culture the second they were exposed to it, forming a band that would eventually sell six million copies of an album released in 2008, Only By The Night. While recording that album’s follow up, the brothers started to get out of control with their drinking, especially Caleb, leading to him walking out of the band in a drunken stupor during the middle of a show. Jared responded to the incident by begging fans not to hate them all, only to hate his brother. Though Caleb denied ever going to rehab, he eventually cut down on the booze, and the brothers have gotten back to getting along.

The Libertines

Despite The Libertines’ first album immediately becoming a huge hit, Pete Doherty discovered something he loved even more than music in hardcore drugs, namely crack cocaine and heroin. Carl Barât hated seeing his friend fall into drug use, and threatened to kick him out of the band if it continued. Doherty responded by burglarizing Barât’s apartment, resulting in his arrest. Surprisingly, the duo reunited to record a second album, though the sessions were rife with constant fighting and even worse – drug use from Doherty.

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