Baking Tips for beginner Bakers

For new cooks baking seems like a pro thing and something only novice and expert cooks could try their hands at, baking does require calculative input and it’s learned with trials and errors, so you are bound to make mistakes in the beginning. Here are our number one tips gathered from expert cooks when you’re about to try your hands at baking for the first time.

Read the recipe thoroughly

This is very important when it comes to baking, baking is all about precision and there’s nothing you would miss and make up for it later on, it’s like a make or break situation. Therefore, read the recipe many times, slowly and comprehend it, so not to skip any important steps and ingredients.

Collect all the ingredients you need

This is true for a lot of recipes you’re making for the first time, but gather all the ingredients and place them in front of you, take out butter and eggs from the refrigerator, often times butter needs to be at room temperature several hours before baking.

Preheat the oven

This is so important in baking, most baking recipes require you to preheat the oven at a certain temperature, so make it a habit of preheating your oven before starting up a recipe.

Have your measuring spoons and cups on the spot

Like we said before, you have to be very precise in baking, you’ll need to measure a lot of ingredients like your milk, flour, eggs, water, nuts, chocolate and other things. You could use a scale or have different measuring cups and spoons.

Sift the flour

This may sound boring, but sifting the flour is so important, you may as well need to sift cocoa powder, if you don’t want any lumps and clumps in your cupcakes or cookies, always sift the flour.

Set a timer

If you don’t want your precious recipe to be burned, always set a timer, it’s very easy to forget when you’re busy, once you insert the pan into the oven–set a timer.

Always use the wax paper

No matter what you’re baking line your pan with a parchment that you could butter or a wax paper, so the food you make in your baking pan doesn’t get stick and make your pans greasy; making it impossible to wash.


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