Bad Tattoos That Will Scare You From Ever Getting One

Getting a tattoo comes with the responsibility of getting it done in a safe environment, with a talented and professional artist, and with good intentions for the design. The people featured in this gallery have done none of those things. This will serve as a convenient hand book of how not to get tattooed.

Death Before Spelling

Despite that neither the customer nor the artist realized that dishonor has its spelling completely butchered, it also looks like the piece was done in someones bedroom. The infection will show up soon enough!

Take Your Best Shot at Grammar

The easiest grammar rules go over many peoples heads, as your and you’re tend to be the most confusing for some people. There’s a 50/50 chance at getting it right, maybe Google can’t hurt? Since they bombed so badly on the spelling, we can just overlook the shaky lines, terrible typography, and the fact that the target is going to look like a black and blurry blob in a year.

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