Baby Boy Born on the Same Date as Father and Grandfather

Earlier this week, a baby was born on the same day as his father. The chance of that happening is very rare, but the strange coincidence does not stop there. In another amazing happenstance, this baby boy also has the same birthday as his grandfather. It is a one in a 48 million chance that the boy would have the same birthday as his dad and his grandfather.


The baby boy named Christopher was born to Filip Pavloski and his wife Tsvetomira. He was born on October 6 at Arrowe Park Hospital in Wirral in England. Filip’s birthday is the same and he was born in October 6, 1984. Filip’s dad, Kiro, was born on October 6, 1956. Coincidentally, all dates fall on a Saturday. Even stranger is that fact that Tsvetomira said that her sister Tania was also born in October 6 in 1983.

“When we told the staff they could not believe it,” said Filip, “They said this is so crazy, they had never heard of it. They had never seen it before in their lives.” Filip is originally from Macedonia and he currently works at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.


“We were given a due date of October 1 and I was like OK, that’s just before my birthday… then we were induced on October 5. I thought it would miss my birthday but just after 9 am, we had the baby.” added Filip. Christopher is now at home with his parents in Liverpool. He weighed in at a healthy 9.5 pounds.

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