Automatic Feeding Bowls Are Becoming More Advanced Than Ever

Not everyone can feed our pets at the same time every day—people have different schedules, work long hours, and get dragged into last-minute trips. If that’s the case for you, an automatic feeder might be the perfect solution.

Automatic feeding bowls can come with a number of features, such as the number of scheduled feeding, the amount of food dispensed, slow dispensing, and wet food compatibility, not to mention messaging and pausing systems.

The most popular automatic pet feeders can run anywhere from $47 to $135. While most people feed their cats or dogs twice a day, it’s important to consult with your veterinarian to figure out exactly how much food to give your furry friends.

Sophisticated pet feeders like the ones that have come around today have the ability to monitor your pets and record messages if they suffer from separation anxiety.

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