Artists Makes Lego Version of Himself as his Resume

When it comes to making your resume, there are several creative ways that applicants have presented and created their CV’s. But design school graduate Andy Morris takes the cake with his creative resume. For his CV, Morris created a Lego mini-figurine of himself. The figure looks like a typical Lego figure but with the signature features of Morris and accessories of a designer and an artist.


The Lego version comes complete with its own Lego box packaging that describes the figure as a 34-year old designer and artist. The back of the package is designed to look just like the packaging of a typical Lego mini figurine, except that the back describes the accomplishments and qualifications of Morris. Also included in the packaging are Morris’ art exhibitions that have broken gallery attendance records. One of the more creative and hilarious accessories of the Lego figure is a small CV sheet and a miniature plastic laptop that looks exactly like Morris’ own laptop.


“While conventional CVs are great for conveying past accomplishments, they’re limited on what personality, creativity, and innovation you can inject into them,” Morris explained, “Plus, who doesn’t want to receive some LEGO through the post!” According to Morris, he spent two months gathering all the necessary Lego pieces to create a miniature Lego replica of himself. Morris now has 100 individual mini figurine resumes that he can send out to all his potential employers. Morris says that he doesn’t mind if the mini figurine isn’t returned, he can always create more Lego resume’s in the future.

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