Artist From Japan Creates Insects Using Bamboo

Japanese artist Noriyuki Saitoh has a very special skill. He can make small recreations of insects using just bamboo. Insects are not generally seen as beautiful creatures, but the pieces crafted by Saitoh are so intricate, detailed, and beautiful that you can’t help but admire the artistry. Saitoh looks at an insect and finds inspiration to make these life-life creations. Most of his creations are of his favorite insects and critters.


The sculptures of Saitoh are hand crafted from bamboo. He uses the natural wood of the bamboo to make incredibly life-life bamboo insects. The figures that he creates are not meant to be exact replicas of real insects. He starts each piece with a list of dimensions of the insect but allows room for creativity when making each sculpture. The results speak for themselves. The sense of movement and life and the attention to detail is what makes these sculptures so breathtakingly beautiful.


Among his most famous pieces are that of three wasps perched on a piece of honeycomb, a praying mantis eating a butterfly, and two mating dragonflies. If it wasn’t for the distinct color and texture of the bamboo, you would think that you are looking at actual insects that were photographed. The exclusive work of Saitoh can be seen on his website. He also features his sculptures on his social media pages. Most of the sculptures that he has created are also posted on his social media portfolio has been liked and shared several of times.


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