Ariana Grande Ditches The Grammys But Still Shows Off The Dress

After a small tiff with a big-time Grammy producer, Grande decided to take part in the Grammys festivities in her own home.

When a Grammy producer claimed Grande wasn’t performing due to it being “too late to pull something together,” Grande was quick to call him out on a lie.

In true Grande form, she decided to hang at home for the Grammys, but not before showing off her would-be dress. She isn’t one to let some drama get her down!

Naturally, fans loved the hilarious way Grande decided to one-up the Grammys in her signature silly style.

Eventually, Grande did go on to win Best Pop Vocal Album for “Sweetener”.

That’s one way to stick it to the Grammys! Don’t show up, and win an award. Ariana Grande is truly a pop star.


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