Czech Woman’s Pregnancy Is so Unique and Rare That It Won’t Happen Again for Another 500 Years

By 2 years ago

When a newly married couple decided they wanted to have a child, they had their hangups. For one, wife Alexandra already had one child, and she had a horrific pregnancy with him. They also weren’t sure if she could handle another pregnancy. When they joked about maybe having twins, just to get two kids out of the way, they had no idea how real their reality was about to get… Be careful what you wish for!

Her Family

Alexandra Kinova, 23, was ready to grow her family with her husband, Antonin Kroscen. They already had one beautiful child and wanted to add another… So, they began trying.

Emotional Process

Despite being excited for another child, she was also extremely anxious about the experience. She had a difficult labor with her first child, and just the thought of doing that again scared her…

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