Archaeologists Find Unthinkable Objects Buried Next to a Busy English Highway

By 2 years ago

It wasn’t very unusual to find old objects in the English grounds. In fact, it’s so common that the English government hires archaeologists to work alongside the construction workers just incase they find anything. They were not expecting what they were going to find during this usual highway reconstruction effort…

Just A Usual Work Day…

Or, it was supposed to be. Highway workers were doing their usual duties with upgrading a certain countryside route. When a huge construction effort such as this one goes underway, archaeologists are usually on board in case they come across anything incredible. After some boring finds, they stumbled upon something fascinating.

Working Along the Highway

The United Kingdom government-funded agency Highways England were working on a particular stretch of highway in order to upgrade and maintain it. The highway, in particular, is the A14, which would be taking around five years to finish. The 20-mile stretch is between Cambridge and the smaller town of Huntingdon.

Working Side-By-Side

The archaeologists in question are from MOLA Headland Infrastructure. Through them, the government hired 250 archaeologists to accompany the construction workers during the work period. During this time, they were finding tons of relics from 6,000 years ago and even up until World War II.

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