Apparently Milk Coke Is Now a Thing

A drink called “milk coke” is being popularized by a comedy writer named James Felton, claiming that the drink is a Birmingham delicacy. Felton is encouraging people to try the “delicious” beverage.

“I’ve been drinking it since I was a child and had the metabolism to cope with the calories involved,” he said. Since a discussion ignited by Felton took off on Twitter about the drink, conversation about the unconventional beverage has surged, and people are reporting back about their findings.


Felton has clarified a number of things: the drink is best concocted from one-third milk and two-thirds coke, and once you’ve made milk coke, you have about ten minutes to finish drinking it before it curdles.

Felton recommends people try milk coke because it has “all the flavor of a coke float without the hassle of having to own ice cream.”

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