Apparently, Bone Broth Smoothies Are A Thing Now

Bone Broth has a lot of healthy characteristics, so much so that many people are inventing new ways to consume the bizarre beverage.

The clear soup has now evolved into something a little more refreshing — a smoothie. Of course, there’s a new name for it as well: brothies.

Now, it sounds pretty weird. Bone Broth belongs in a soup, not a sweet, fruity drink. That’s where things get creative.

Chef Marco Canora is a broth expert based in New York City. He has gotten broth smoothies down to a science.

Chef Canora claims that you don’t really taste it, it just tastes like a regular smoothie.

Apparently, these are a healthy alternative to get all of the benefits of Bone Broth in a delicious and healthy treat. Would you give it a try>


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