22-Year-Old Had No Idea She Was Pregnant Until the Minute She Gave Birth

By 2 years ago

When Klara Dollan, 22, sat down for her first day on the job as a sales executive, she had no idea that eight hours later, her life would change forever.

Trying to Keep Her Cool

Early that morning, Klara began to have cramps. She assumed she was just experiencing symptoms of a painful period. However, this was far from the case…

Enduring the Day

Klara was determined to make a good impression at work—it was day one at her new direct marketing firm. Gritting her teeth, she suffered through the excruciating 40-minute commute…

Debilitated by Pain

She made it from her home in northwest London to Waterloo and stood through a meeting that lasted an unbearable two hours. Finally, as the pain grew more intense with each passing minute, she was forced to leave…

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