Anonymous Man Buys All the Toys at Goodwill and Donates Them to Children

As the holiday season approaches, we hear news of several good Samaritans that want to spread the joy and love with other people. The spirit of Christmas is all about sharing and giving what you can to those that are less fortunate. This was what this anonymous donor probably had in mind when he bought every toy in Goodwill store in Fort Collins, Colorado.


According to the store, this isn’t the first time that this donor has done this. In fact, he has been buying toys for donations for the past decade. The man said he does this so that any child who walks into the store will leave with at least one toy.  The donor said that he does not need to be recognized for his kindness, but he did say that this has become a very important part of his family’s Christmas tradition.


“All kids today, all day long, you get one free toy, free stuffed animal or free kids book,” said Todd Wakefield, Goodwill’s Senior Director of Retail. “We’ve got some amazing people throughout our community,” Wakefield added, “This is what our business is run on, people willing to give and to help their community.”

According to reports of witnesses, the donor and his wife peeked in the store to look at the children and the toys that they had purchased for them. The couple then quietly took in the entire scene before silently slipping out the front door, unnoticed by all those that they have touched with their generosity.

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