Anna Kendrick Randomly Remembers That She Was in Twilight

As the teen-vampire drama series celebrates it’s 10 year anniversary (yeah, it’s been that long), one particular celebrity of the franchise had a sudden revelation: Oh yeah, I was in that!

33-year-old Anna Kendrick made her epiphany known to her 7.21 million Twitter followers just a few days after the movie celebrated 10 years since it’s debut.

Kendrick is known for her hilarious Twitter banter as she shares her true thoughts on what it’s like being a celebrity that gets awkward around other celebrities. She’s definitely become America’s most foul-mouthed sweetheart!

Others reveled in that fact that, Oh yeah, the girl that was in Scott Pilgrim was also in Twilight and everyone pretty much rejoiced.

To recap, Kendrick played Bella Swan’s ditzy best friend who was pretty much Team Edward. Although the part was small, she did continue to play Jessica in all of the movies!

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