Colorado Community Rocked as Mothers Disappearance Uncovers Her Dangerous Double Life

Paige Birgfeld was a single mother of three who was raising them all on her own. Her entrepreneurial spirit had her working all sorts of odd jobs in order to make ends meet. Her family was supportive and her friends were envious of her supermom abilities. Little did they know, she had a secret side job that ended up being horrifying crime mystery.


Single Mom

34-year-old Paige Birgfeld was known as a supermom among her family and friends. The had taken up single-mom status after her second divorce, becoming the sole provider for her three young children. And somehow, she was able to make it look easy. Her family had no clue how she was getting much money…

Kids Come First

Along with these jobs, including the secret one, Paige was still full-time momming as she did all of the cooking, cleaning, and driving the kids around to school and practices. Despite being so busy, they all had a wonderfully close relationship. She always put them first, which is why she got into the secret business…

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