An ATM Accidentally Started Dispensing $100 Bills

It was somebody’s lucky day in Houston, Texas, when a malfunctioning ATM for Bank of America started spitting out $100 bills instead of $10 bills.

Once word of the glitch hit social media, people expressed their jealousy. Bank of America has issued a statement saying that the recipients of the faulty ATM are allowed to keep the additional money.

Officials didn’t say how much cash was wrongly dispensed, but the number had to be fairly hefty. Cars were lining up at the machine up and down Interstate 45. The crowd dispersed once officers arrived at the scene of the…well, it’s  not a crime. Bank of America was later contacted and disabled the ATM accordingly.

In a statement, Bank of America noted that the incident was caused by a vendor. This was, I’m sure, a good night for everyone—bsides Bank of America.

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