A study shows living near Trees makes you happier

Do yo crave having a garden or a lawn patch in your house or apartment? Well, there’s a science behind that; a new study on human psychology shows living near the trees, plants and birds makes you happier and less anxious. The smell of freshly cut green grass and the smell of flowers, chirping of birds is known to curb anxiety and makes one calmer and happier.

Researchers say what you see outside from your house window really matters, people or home owners surrounded by trees, shrubs, plants and birds around are less likely to be depress and anxious compared to people who live in high rise buildings and apartments with no trees or greenery in sight. It didn’t matter if people lived in urban or suburban areas, but spending time outdoors in nature really made a difference in the subjects of the study.

It doesn’t mean if you live in an urban area you’re predisposed to be depress and stressed out, if you spend some time everyday in the outdoors in a park, go for a walk or a hike, you’re less likely to be depress and in stress. Not spending anytime in the nature can lead to chronic stress and that may lead to many illnesses. Interestingly, the study conducted showed that the number of birds people saw from their windows was beneficial for mental health.

It really didn’t matter what type of birds they saw, by just being surrounded by trees and birds around made all the difference. You don’t really have to live in the middle of a Safari park for that matter, but researchers concluded that spending some time outdoors everyday in a park setting is beneficial for mental health.  So, if you’re on a house hunt that’s another feature you need to look for–a garden or a house surrounded by trees and birds around.


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