A Bunch of Raccoons Crashed This Wedding Photoshoot and It Was Hilarious

Because they’re natural scavengers, raccoons can find food just about anywhere. As a result, they might find themselves wading through garbage cans or your dog’s kibble bowl. For one newlywed couple in the midst of a photo shoot, they had no idea what do when a whole troupe of the little critters crashed the event!

Sarah and Sach were shooting in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The weather was idyllic, the scene was set, and their wedding photos were right on track… then, suddenly, a wild family of raccoons appeared out of nowhere.

Five trash pandas arrived on set uninvited. Kathryn White, the photographer from Northern California who did the photo shoot, said she had never seen anything like this in the 10 years she’s been shooting weddings.

“We were so surprised to see the family of raccoons approaching us! At first, I was a bit scared because they’re nocturnal and generally pretty vicious, so I warned my bride and groom to keep a distance, but the raccoons kept approaching us curiously and seemed friendly enough.”

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