A Beach Maternity Shoot Left This Couple Speechless When an Uninvited Creature Erupted from the Ocean

There’s nothing more exciting and a little nerve-wracking than expecting your first child. Pregnancy is a gift and is certainly worth celebrating. It’s common that expecting parents take a little time towards the end to take a few photos together before their baby comes along. Maternity shoots are always adorable and a perfect memory of the last few weeks before the new arrival.

Angeline and Dan were taking photos for their maternity shoot on the beach together, when something else, however, took everyone’s attention…

Beach Vibes

When Dan and Angeline were relaxing on the beach, Dan wanted to take a few photos of his expecting wife. it wouldn’t be too long until they would be a family of three so he wanted to capture these last few moments and memories with just the two of them. They had no idea, though, how memorable this day would truly be…

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