RIP Grumpy Cat. Now Meet: Grumpy Cow

Following the passing of Grumpy Cat this past week, fans of the perpetually-annoyed feline have flocked to the newest angry-faced, cute-at-first-glance creature, Grumpy Cow.

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She makes me chuckle every day

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1985, accurately nicknamed “Grumpy Cow,” belongs to farmer and blogger Derrick Josi. Several comments on Josi’s post responded by saying that 1985 is “the Internet’s next Grumpy Cat,” and “the ones with wry faces have the best personalities.” Maybe she is super sweet, but she looks nothing short of completely annoyed with whatever the person behind the camera is doing, making her the perfect contender for Grumpy Cat’s replacement.

1985 lives on the Wilsonview Dairy in Tillamook, Oregon. Since the family’s immigration from Switzerland in 1912, four generations of Josis have called Wilsonview Dairy home. They pride themselves in their dedication to tireless cow care, and always ensure that the cows’ health and wellbeing come first. The industry of dairy farming has seemingly lost touch with their craft, and the Josi family’s mission has been to promote ethical animal care and an open line of communication between the farm and the community.

The cows live on Oregon’s beautiful green pastures, ensuring happiness and comfort. Though she might not look pleased, Grumpy Cow is in good hands.

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