93-Year-Old Woman Faces Fear of Water By Riding Giant Water Slide

Lucy is a 3-year-old woman living in Temperance, Michigan. Since her husband passed away, she has tried to keep fit by going to the local YMCA gym in Temperance. She works out at least three times a week, and she spends three hours in the pool in each visit. But she is very careful when every time she is in the water, because she has a fear of swimming. It is one of the reasons why she never gets in over her shoulders.


“Lucy is a character, I’ll tell you that,” said Ben, one of her trainers, “She’s not a swimmer. She’s always a little nervous around water.” But Ben, and fellow trainer, Taylor, wanted to help Lucy overcome her fear. She is like family to them and they wanted to help her out. They suggested that she take a spin on the cork-screw shaped water slide to see what it was like to dive into the water. She hesitated at first, but she decided to ultimately give it a try.


“Once she got up there and sat down, I said, ‘Once you start scootin’, you’re going down,”’ Taylor shared, “She was ready and she went down before I even knew it.” At the bottom of the slide, Ben was there to catch her. After she slid down the water slide, she exclaimed in excitement and had a big smile on her face. She was having a good time.

“I thought, ‘Why are you doing this, you silly old lady?’” said Lucy, “But I’d do it again.  It has kept me going.”

“I was very nervous when she got to the bottom,” Ben said. But “she couldn’t wipe the smile off her face and I couldn’t wipe the smile off mine.”

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