80-year old body builder Ernestine is all the fitness inspiration we need

By 4 years ago

When looking for fitness inspiration stories like these make our day, meet one of the world’s oldest woman body builder; 80-year old Ernestine Shepherd having won numerous titles was named the world’s oldest body builder by the Guinness book of world records in both 2010 and 2011. Ernestine thinks age is just a number and this is just a beginning for her, it’s never too late to focus on your health and fitness and do what you want to do in life. She started off with her passion of body building at the age of 56, she took the life-changing route from a fitness enthusiast to a body builder.

On her 80th birthday celebrations she wrote on Facebook that she is still determined, dedicated and disciplined to be fit. She dedicates her enthusiasm for fitness and body building to her late sister. She celebrated her success with the release of her book ” The ageless journey of Ernestine Shepherd”, so what really keeps her going along with having a disciplined lifestyle and determination, it’s her love and passion for body building, she starts off her day with a run at 3AM or 4AM! She sticks to a daily diet that includes egg whites, chicken and vegetables totaling 1,700 calories/day.

Ernestine believes age is just a number, as being out of shape is not aging and mandatory, but is optional. She believes it’s important to find a source of motivation and her strengths are prayer and her late sister’s memories. Ernestine is from Baltimore and gets a lot of support from her family and husband of 52 years, she is also a grand mother, the fittest grand ma is a fitness trainer and mainly teaches senior women how to keep themselves fit and healthy at their age.



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