5-Year-Old Girl Designs Her Graduation Gown

In most graduation ceremonies, students are required to wear the traditional graduation gown and cap. And while there have been many variations on the colors of the graduation gowns, they are usually these heavy and dark colored robes. But for this little girl, tradition was not enough to stop her from making her own graduation gown. In fact, this little girl even made an entire outfit for herself.


The younger cousin of social network star Ash Leon decided to have a different look for her kindergarten graduation. And she did not go and buy designer clothes either. Teen Vogue reports that the girl made her own gown with her own DIY skills. The little graduate used all sorts of materials that you would expect from a 5-year old girl. She used sequins, feathers, and a lot of pink tulle. In fact most of her outfit was in pink. She also opted for a mermaid silhouette instead of a long heavy gown.


For the lower half of her outfit, she wore a sparkling pink bodice and a flare skirt. Then to top off her outfit, she wore a white headband and a pair of white opera gloves. With an outfit like that, pulling it off comes down to attitude and poise, and this little girl had a lot of it. She was graceful, elegant, and confident for a woman twice her age. If there’s anyone proud of this new graduate, it has to be her big cousin Ash Leon, who knows a thing or two about setting fashion trends.

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