5 Best Fragrances for her on the Valentine’s Day

Fragrances are among the most sold out Valentine day’s gifts for women, a beautiful bouquet of flowers will do, but if you want to do something extra, consider a nice floral fragrance for the special woman in your life that would last with her for much longer than the flower bouquet. The floral fragrances especially roses are consider to lift the mood by reducing the levels of stress hormone cortisol, so another reason to send her that happy rosy fragrance on this day of the year.

Miss Dior Silky body mist is a beautiful and light fragrance that smells of roses, peony and white musk, the fragrance is light yet sensual and soothes the mind. It has a silky texture and hydrates your skin, what else do you need?

You can never go wrong with Flower by Kenzo, if you are into rosy and light fragrances, it’s such a delightful flowery fragrance that just fills up your senses, it’s a subtle scent that lingers and makes your mood happy for the day.

Michael Kors Sexy blossom is a beautiful fragrance that reminds of spring time, it’s a mix of peony, pink orchid, sandalwood and lychee, it smells heavenly, this is an ideal fragrance for someone, who obviously loves flowers and is into floral fragrances.

Chloe love story is another beautiful rosy fragrance that oozes sensuality, yet it’s very sweet and floral, it smells of vanilla, orange blossom, sandalwood and other flowers. There are two love story scents by Chloe, you can choose any of them.

Last but not the least is the Marc Jacobs Daisy in Kiss & blush, this is another sweet and floral scent that just mesmerizes, the smells noted in this perfume are apricot, pink rose, violet, and cedar wood, all these smells are sure to lift the mood of the one you’re gifting these to, these scents ooze romance, femininity and beauty, so make it a memorable valentine for her with these sweet fragrances.

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