Invention Prevents Small Animals From Drowning in your Pool

Swimming pool owners have to deal with a lot when it comes to maintaining their man made body of water. Not only do they have to keep the water clean, but they also have to keep things from falling into the water. For those with pools in the country or in suburban areas, one real concern is keeping animals and critters from falling in the pool and drowning. Even amphibious animals are in danger of drowning in the pool because of the chlorine content in the water. Nothing ruins a pool like a dead carcass floating in the water or stuck in the filtering system.


But this ingenious invention can help with that problem. An inflatable dock with mesh ramps makes it easy for small critters to get out from the water and into dry ground. The invention is called a FrogLog and it is a simple invention that can be placed in pools, ponds, and fountains. The FrogLog was invented by Rich Mason, who is a professional wildlife biologist.


“Pretty much any animal that walks around a suburban neighborhood could fall into a pool eventually,” said Mason “I said, ‘OK, let’s see if we can come up with something to fix this problem.'” Mason started to make these inflatable “logs” from his garage for the people who wanted to save animals from their pools. But eventually more and more people wanted access to this invention, forcing Mason to make it available online. Now people from all over the world have testified to the effectiveness of such a clever and simple invention.

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