100-Year Old Couple Go on a Blind Date

Arthur Moult and Florence Philips were set up for date after the home support staff of their homes both realized that they shared the same unique age. Arthur and Florence were both 100-years old when they were set up for a blind date. Neither of them had been on a blind date before, but according to early reports, it looks like things are going well for the couple.

Moult and Philips were setup at a local supermarket café in England. While the date started out quiet and reasonably uneventful, they started talking to each other more and eventually shared a special meal and even some desert. The date ended with Arthur serenading Florence. Despite living 11 miles apart, the pair is determined to keep seeing each other. Since their first date, Arthur has been keen on bring Florence flowers and chocolates each time they met. And after just three weeks of “dating”, the two have met each other’s family already. Florence’s husband died in his 50’s while Arthur’s wife died 25 years ago.


“Arthur is a wonderful man and he has a wonderful singing voice,” said Florence. “He sang Ave Maria to me, which I hadn’t heard since I was a teenager. It brought back so many memories and I thought it was so beautiful.”

“Meeting Florence was really nice,” Arthur said. “She’s a lovely person to talk to and she has a great sense of humor. It’s nice to talk to someone the same age as me who remembers many of the things that I do.”

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