You Have To Try This Easy 2-Ingredient Coffee Tonic

While iced coffee is typically my go-to summer drink, no matter what time of day it is, the same old thing can get old after a while. I’m a huge coffee fan, so if you hand me something with caffeine, chances are I’ll like it.

I was recently introduced to a coffee tonic, and the game has been changed. Essentially, it’s an easy two-step drink that will keep you refreshed all day. You can make this drink using one shot of espresso and a splash of tonic water, or you can use cold brew as an espresso substitute to have a less-caffeinated, more prolonged drink.

The order that you pour the ingredients makes a difference. Pouring the blended coffee tonic over ice versus pouring the espresso slowly on top of the ice-filled tonic did not dramatically change the flavor when I made it. But pouring espresso right into tonic did. 

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