World Lumberjack Competition is Underway in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, more than a hundred competitors from all over the world gathered to participate in the World Lumberjack Championships. The global event holds competitions in chopping wood, climbing trunks, and log rolling. The competition, which has been held since 1960, will take place in the traditional location of Hayward, a small town located in Wisconsin.


There are several competitions that make up the World Lumberjack Championships, with events for both men and women. Among the most popular are the chopping events, where competitors race with one another as they see who can chop through a log the fastest. There is the singe buck, where competitors saw through a 16-inch pine log, the underhand chop competition where competitors use a single bit ax to chop through a 12-inch horizontal aspen log, and a springboard chop, where competitors have to climb a trunk to a height of 9 feet, and chop through it while standing on a spar pole. Then of course, there is the famous log rolling competition, where two competitors balance on a log on water and try to unbalance the other to fall.


The annual event took place for three days from July 20 to July 22. The competition began as a national event that would bring in lumberjacks from all over the state. It has since become a global phenomenon wherein lumberjacks from all over the world participate. This year’s competition offers over $50,000 in prize money. At the end of the event, there are two awards given out, the All-Around Lady Jill to the Lumber Jill who scores the most points, and the Tony Wise All Around Champion, given to the lumberjack who scores the most points. The championship is named after Tony Wise, the founder of the championships.

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