Television's Most Beautiful Weather Girls From Around The Globe

Leticia Castro on ABC

Leticia Castro is another phenomenal beauty who has both a stunning face and a beautiful figure. She is currently the weather anchor on ABC in Norcal/Vegas. In the past, she worked for various Spanish language networks, including Telemundo and Noticias Univision, before crossing over into the general market. She is also, unsurprisingly, a former beauty queen, and has even started her own pageant.

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The More You Know

  • Researchers have found that swearing when in pain may release pain-killing endorphins.
  • The world's most densely populated island is the size of two soccer fields.
  • A German and British aeroplane shot each other down in Norway during WWII. The crew met and helped each other survive. Two of them later visited each other many years after the war was over as friends.
  • There's a "floating rainforest" in the sea.
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