Woman's Epic Twitter Thread About Experience at German Sauna Goes Viral

The most embarrassing moment of this woman's life has managed to cheer up quite a few people amidst the gloom and doom of the coronavirus pandemic.

British writer Anbara Salam took to Twitter to share her hilariously tragic experience at a German spa ten years ago.

While on vacation in Germany with an ex-boyfriend, Salam, who spoke no german visited a spa that required guests to be in the nude. She stripped nude and grabbed a small towel before heading through an unmarked door, which led to the fire escape.

A spa employee ended up having to take Salam, totally naked, through a busy reception hall to return to the changing room.

Salam offered a brief disclaimer for her story: "As a public service in these stressful times I'd like to offer, as a palate cleanser, the most embarrassing moment of my life."

By the time Anbara had been paraded around naked for an hour, she returned to her boyfriend, who was annoyed that she took so long.

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